You can sell your Rebello Decor designs back to us if you no longer wish to use them. This offer only applies for designs in genuine brass.

It requires that you have the original purchase receipt and that the product is 100% intact. This does not apply to designs that come from sample sales, collection samples or similar. 

We make an individual assessment of the design at our office north of Copenhagen. 

But you can expect to get between 15-30% of the purchase price back again. The price is based on eg.

- Original packaging or not
- How much is the cord/wire shortened
- How much patina has the item acquired (scratches or similar)

Here's what you need to do:
1. Contact Founder of Rebello Decor, Maria Thygesen,
2. Remember to bring the original receipt and the packaging if you still have it.
3. The assessment takes approx. 30 min. She will disassemble the design and test it
4. You will receive the buy-back-price and then you can decide whether you want to accept or not.
The money is paid out immediately via an account transfer.
5. We will sell the design at our yearly sample sale, so that it can be passed on to  a new customer and ensure a long life circle of the product 
6. It is not possible to undo the buyback.
7. The amount can also be donated to Hugs and Foods, which is a shelter in Nansensgade, Copenhagen for the most vulnerable in society. If you donate the amount to them, we deposit the same amount, so Hugs and Foods get double up

About Rebello Decor

Rebello Decor is founded by Maria Thygesen in 2023.

The vision is to make exclusive designs which can last forever.

The first collection is handmade in genuine brass so they age with beauty and grace and can be passed on to next generations to support a more sustainable lifestyle.

The name Rebello Decor has been inspired by the name rebel since Maria had to find her inner rebel and not least courage to start her own design brand, she even had to sell her house to raise capital.

The chandelier Cirle of Life won Bo Bedres Design Favourite Award 2023 for best chandelier.

The design is inspired by the ups and downs we all meet in life - but somehow the ends always meet.

The design is also an invitation to talk about the harder things we meet in life - and Maria has eg. been very open about her sons autism diagnosis.