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At Rebello Decor ApS, we collect and process personal data, according to the current Personal Data Processing Act, and we prioritise data security and confidentiality highly.

To give you the best possible experience when using our website, we collect some information that we use when shopping in our webshop.

The personal information we collect is your name, phone number, email address, home address and information about your purchase. For security reasons, we do not store payment information in our database.

To send you an order confirmation we collect your email address. We pass on your information to our partners, such as shipping companies and Rebello Decors external cargo (Prime Cargo) for them to process and ship your order. Your name and address are placed on a label outside the package of your purchased items. Rebello Decor ApS processes personal data for marketing purposes under applicable law, including the requirement to obtain consent before sending out electronic marketing.

You are entitled, upon request, to disclose what information we have registered about you and also have your data removed under the GDPR regulation. Rebello Decor ApS stores personal information and relevant purchase data for five years according to the accounting requirement.

If you would like more information or change your information, please contact us at

You may appeal to Datatilsynet if you believe you do not receive the information that you are entitled to under the regulation.

About Rebello Decor

Rebello Decor is founded by Maria Thygesen in 2023.

The vision is to make exclusive designs which can last forever.

The first collection is handmade in genuine brass so they age with beauty and grace and can be passed on to next generations to support a more sustainable lifestyle.

The name Rebello Decor has been inspired by the name rebel since Maria had to find her inner rebel and not least courage to start her own design brand, she even had to sell her house to raise capital.

The chandelier Cirle of Life won Bo Bedres Design Favourite Award 2023 for best chandelier.

The design is inspired by the ups and downs we all meet in life - but somehow the ends always meet.

The design is also an invitation to talk about the harder things we meet in life - and Maria has eg. been very open about her sons autism diagnosis.